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Small mold cavity parison blow molding machine

krones company has successfully developed and produced small mold cavity parison blow molding machine. SK series machine adopts the proven contiform technology platform, equipped with 30 or 40 injection molding stations. The mold carrier can be used for PET bottles with a carrying capacity of 750 ml

this design concept is greatly favored by the market. In terms of K doors and windows, rones has applied this kind of high-performance machinery to two leading pet bottle manufacturers: visypak company in Australia and South Eastern container company in the United States, according to the different products

south Eastern container is the largest impact experimental machine in the United States. The console of the cryogenic tank refrigeration system compressor has capacity regulating valve, ammonia pressure gauge, oil pressure gauge and PET bottle manufacturer for coke. The bottle blanks and finished bottles produced by its factory are made by high-speed machinery specially for Coca Cola company. Krones adopted the design concept of small die cavity machine and won the contract of this processing plant for the first time

south Eastern container installed a 40 station contiform SK 40 model in its production plant at the beginning of 2003. Therefore, as a PET bottle manufacturer, the company also set a new world record: two SK 40 blow molding machines are the first blow molding machines with a production rate of 60000 0.5 liter bottles per hour. In this way, it can meet the output requirements of 1500 bottles/hour at each blow molding station

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