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Small dust collectors are aimed at the large market of injection molding process

recently, Pelletron company launched a new type of dust collector. It is reported that the dust collector is specially built for the injection molding process. It is a special product in the molding production project, which is more comfortable and broad. Pelletron's new dust collector is 9.5 inches long and weighs 9 kg. It is a patented product of the company. Its main function is to remove water flow lines and dust in raw resin, and remove black spots and defects in finished products. When in use, the new dust collector is installed between the loader and the feed hopper on the injection molding machine

Pelletron said that although the new dust collector is small in size, its cleaning efficiency is very high, which can be comparable to the company's existing large P1 series dust collectors, and its Petite shape can save floor space for limited machine rooms, enhance flexibility in use, and speed up the development of new material industry

injection molding machine in production engineering hydraulic servo universal experimental machine in China can carry out dynamic testing and fatigue experiments. Dust is very easy to be generated in the new materials developed by the team of Washington State University, and the dust collector can play a good role in purifying the air. When the air and water flow patterns enter the dust collector at the same time under the influence of cyclone, the machine can separate them through the built-in identification system. While absorbing dust, the machine can also filter the air and then re-enter the atmospheric circulation system

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