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Small indexable blade edge passivation machine and passivation technology

tool edge passivation technology is a very important problem that has not been widely valued by people. Therefore, it is important that the passivated tool can effectively improve the edge strength, improve the tool life and the stability of the cutting process. We all know that cutting tools are the "teeth" of machine tools, and the main factors that affect the cutting performance and service life of cutting tools. In addition to the optimization of tool materials, tool geometric parameters, tool structure, cutting parameters, etc., through a large number of tool edge passivation practices, we realize that a good edge type and edge passivation quality are also the premise of whether the tool can be cut faster, better and less. Therefore, the condition of the cutting edge of the tool is also a factor that cannot be ignored

I. why should we passivate the cutting edge

1. The cutting edge of the tool after grinding with ordinary grinding wheel or diamond grinding wheel does have micro gaps of different degrees (i.e. micro chipping and saw edge). The former can be observed with the naked eye and ordinary magnifying glass, while the latter can be observed with a 100x (with 0.010mm scribed) microscope. The micro gap is generally 0.01-0.05mm, and it is as high as 0.1mm in severe cases. In the cutting process, the micro notch of the tool edge is easy to expand, which accelerates the tool wear and damage

2. Modern high-speed machining and automatic machine tools put forward higher requirements for the performance and stability of tools, especially CVD coated tools or blades, almost without exception, passivate the cutting edge before coating, which is for the needs of coating process, so as to ensure the firmness and service life of the coating

3. The cutting edges of CNC machine tools and cutting tools used in production lines imported from abroad have been passivated. A lot of information shows that the passivation of the cutting edge of the tool can effectively prolong the service life of the tool by 200% or more, greatly reduce the cost of the tool, and bring great economic benefits to users

therefore, it is very important to deeply study and practice the knowledge of tool edge passivation. This topic should start from the following two aspects: one is to select the blade type and parameters; the other is to explore the blade passivation technology and parameters, so as to achieve a close combination of the two

II. Principle and structure of small indexable blade edge passivation machine

at present, the indexable blades widely used in China are mostly sharpened by small and medium-sized tool factories. There is no applicable blade edge passivation machine product in China, while the price of foreign blade edge passivation machines is very expensive (100 to hundreds of thousands of dollars), so the blade edges without passivation are in poor condition, poor performance and low service life, Compared with similar blades abroad, there is a big gap in performance and service life. How to narrow this gap and solve the problem of blade edge passivation? It is necessary to develop a small indexable blade edge passivator. At present, it has been widely used in domestic high-speed rail and subway, which is more suitable for national conditions. Therefore, after more than two years of efforts and ten improvements, it has been successful. Patent number: 4. Passivator model: 2mq6715e, overall dimension: 400 × four hundred and thirty × 1300 (mm), which is suitable for products popularized by small and medium-sized tool factories and machining workshops

principle of small indexable blade edge passivator; The planetary mechanism driven by the gear reduction electronic speed regulation motor makes the blade rotate and revolve. The blade edge is evenly passivated by the flexible grinding of the high-speed rotating nylon disk brush containing abrasive, so that the sharp value is reduced or eliminated, so as to achieve the purpose of smoothness, sharpness, firmness and durability

the passivation machine is composed of five parts:

1, disk brush head and sliding seat; The nylon disc brush with abrasive that passivates the blade edge is installed on the motor shaft rotating at a high speed of 2800 rpm. The motor is fixed on the sliding seat and moved up and down by the wire shoulder, fixed nut and handle, and control disc brush to passivate the blade edge

2. Blade turntable transmission part: planetary mechanism driven by gear reduction electronic speed regulation motor, its turntable and blade turntable can rotate and revolve, and contact with the disc brush, which can passivate the blade edge evenly

3. Frame and box; The disc brush, sliding seat, turntable, micro magnifying glass and electrical appliances should be installed on the rack, and a submersible pump is installed in the water tank to provide cooling and lubrication for blade passivation

4, detection part; A micro magnifying glass, a bracket and a tray are installed on the side of the frame to facilitate the detection of the passivation value of the blade edge

5. Electrical part; Control the stepless speed regulation of turntable and blade turntable, the switch of disk brush and water pump, the length of blade passivation time and automatic shutdown

III. characteristics of small indexable blade edge passivator

1. Compact and reasonable structure, flexible and reliable use

2. The rotating speed of blade turntable and turntable is stepless and adjustable

3. The passivation time is controllable

4. Blade edge passivation parameters can be measured on the machine

5. The container plates with different blade shapes and specifications can be replaced

it has been proved by relevant manufacturers that the blade edge passivator meets the design requirements, has reliable performance, and has good passivation effect. Beijing Man Machine Co., Ltd. has increased the service life of cemented carbide blades by more than 0.2 times on average after passivation, and that of individual tools by times. Shandong Laiwu huashunmeng Ceramic New Material Co., Ltd. has increased the service life of ceramic blades by more than 0.5 times after passivation, and that of individual cutters by times. The increase of service life is related to the specific processing conditions and the parameters of the selected blade type and blade passivation shape

IV. blade type and blade passivation shape and parameters

1. Common blade type: (see Figure 1)

2. Blade passivation shape: (see Figure 2)

according to different processing conditions, reasonably selecting the parameters of blade type and blade shape is actually to correctly handle the relationship between "sharp" and "solid" of the tool, and "sharp" is a necessary feature of tool cutting, At the same time, considering the "fixation" of the cutting edge is also for more effective cutting, improving tool life and reducing tool consumption. Through the development and production practice of blade edge passivation machine, we have preliminarily mastered some rules, as shown in the following parameter recommendation table:

it is confirmed from a large number of blade edge passivation practical experience:

1) the sharper the blade is, the better, and the duller the blade is. It is best to determine different passivation values for different processing conditions

2) the combination of edge passivation and edge type is the most common and effective measure to improve edge strength, improve tool life and reduce tool cost

3) grinding negative chamfering with micro powder grinding wheel, its micro notch is small (up to 0..010

mm), plus small passivation parameters (0..030mm), making the edge sharp, firm and durable

some data show that it is widely used abroad

v. passivation effect and economy of blade edge

here, taking the cemented carbide, ceramic indexable blade and integral tool commonly used in China as examples, a large number of actual use effects after blade edge passivation are comprehensively counted and calculated respectively for reference

1. Saving value of blade passivation

cemented carbide indexable blade: square d=15.875, s=4.76, rear corner α 0=11 °, passivation on one side, cleaning method: tighten the real fixing screw behind the oil pump with a wrench. The price of each blade is 8 yuan, and the average service life is increased by 25%, so the saving value of each blade is 2 yuan

ceramic indexable blade: square d=12.7, s=6.35, rear corner α 0=0 °, double-sided passivation, the price of each blade is 28 yuan, and the average service life is increased by 30%, so the saving value of each blade is 8.4 yuan

2. Passivation ability and value creation of passivation machine

cemented carbide indexable blades: 30 pieces are installed at an average time, 15 minutes are required for single-sided passivation, 120 pieces can be passivated per hour, 720 pieces can be passivated per shift (6 hours), 1440 yuan per shift, 28800 yuan per month (20 days), 172800 pieces can be passivated per year, creating a value of 345600 yuan

ceramic indexable blades: according to the average installation of 40 pieces at a time, it takes 30 points to passivate both sides. The number shows the experimental force and the peak value of the experimental force. 80 pieces can be passivated per hour, and 480 pieces can be passivated per shift (6 hours), which is equivalent to 4032 yuan. It costs 80000 yuan per month, and 115200 tablets can be passivated a year, creating a value of 960000 yuan

according to the above passivation capacity calculation, it is generally enough for a small and medium-sized tool factory or a large and medium-sized machinery factory to have a passivation machine. Even if the equipment utilization rate is%, its saving value for the factory is considerable. For example, the price of one passivation machine is 19800/set, and the equipment investment can be recovered in less than one month

to sum up, the blade edge passivation technology is very important. As the ancients of our country said, "the Bank of thousands of miles collapses in the ant hole". Although the "ant hole" of the micro gap of the blade edge is small, it affects the "Bank of thousands of miles" of tool performance and life, which is a big problem that cannot be ignored

blade edge passivation technology is one of the effective measures to improve tool life and reduce tool consumption. It is feasible and effective in both economic and technical aspects, further promote the improvement of cutting processing level in China, and narrow the gap between cutting performance of foreign tools

the practice of tool edge passivation technology in this paper has just started, lacking experience, and there are many imperfections, which need to be further improved. The purpose of the proposal is to "throw a brick to attract jade", hoping to attract more attention and in-depth research, so as to improve the tool passivation technology to a new level

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