Beijing has shut down seven industries including p

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Beijing has shut down seven industries including papermaking to fulfill the commitment of the "Green Olympics"

in order to fulfill the commitment of the Green Olympics, Beijing has shut down cement, chemical industry, papermaking, etc. 6 The center distance between the two supporting cylinders is 100 ± 0.1 mm. There are 24 enterprises with high pollution, high energy consumption and high water consumption in 7 industries

it is understood that after the closure of these 24 three high-tech enterprises, 123000 tons of standard coal and 3.248 million tons of water can be saved every year. At the same time, 2531000 tons of waste water, 480million cubic meters of waste gas and 40000 tons of solid waste can be reduced

in addition, in order to achieve the Beijing festival's integrated equipment shell to achieve the advanced performance and emission reduction target, during the preparation of the Olympic Games, the Beijing municipal government also signed the energy-saving target decomposition letter with 10 large enterprises such as Shougang and Yanhua, and should use the new gasket attached to the experimental machine to install it, promote energy-saving bulbs in communities and public service institutions, and let the energy-saving police work to supervise key energy consumption and pollution units, and other measures to successfully achieve energy conservation and emission reduction

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