The hottest small company sues Microsoft lumia950

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Small companies Sue Microsoft lumia 950 for infringement of LED technology patents

Apple is usually the preferred target of patent giants around the world, but it seems that this attention can be easily transferred to any other large technology companies, which have enough funds to pay potential settlement costs in this case. This time, Microsoft may have to inform the person in charge of Shisheng new material to fight against Lemaire illumination technologies (Lemaire illumination technologies), which pointed out in the court document submitted by the U.S. District Court in Marshall, Texas that lumia 950 infringed some of its patents related to LED technology

according to Reuters, there are three patents mentioned in court documents, all of which involve LEDs used to illuminate the screen of mobile devices. Microsoft has not yet made a statement on this, but it seems that Lemaire is actually suing a number of companies, which is the opposite of the short-term development of vehicles. LG has also been sued for infringement of the same patent

widely used in aircraft, automobiles, household appliances, tools, it, lighting, sports and other industries

similarly, in 2012, led tech development sued apple for infringement of four patents on products such as iPad and MacBook Pro. Lemaire illumination technologies acquired the company a year later

interestingly, Microsoft's products that seem to have been abandoned are in legal trouble because the company no longer produces lumia 950 and 950 XL. The software giant recently admitted that windows 10 mobile has entered the maintenance mode and has not planned new functions and hardware for the platform. It remains to be seen how Microsoft handles these patent infringement lawsuits, but in most cases, these companies just seek the settlement of technology giants and pay royalties

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