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Small poles hide "big heart" American towns install advanced intelligent streetlights

Huntington, a famous surfing fatigue experimental machine in California, is an expensive town, and gradually dominates all the consumer markets. Huntington has installed a new type of hybrid streetlights, with 5g beehive transmitters built into the poles

this streetlight is called smart fusion pole. It adopts traditional design and has many high-tech functions, including intelligent sequential press high pressure and fuel supply button sensors that can detect the condition of traffic alloy structural steel or equivalent materials, parking spaces and air quality. All these are connected with central information points and clouds for transmission to individuals and city managers

these lamps are produced by a joint venture between Philips and the American tower company, and will be installed first on the coastal highway and then in the bustling business district

the two companies announced the news at the global mobile conference in Barcelona. Although this agreement marks a symbolic step in the concept of combining street lighting and mobile technology, the three parties still need to work out some details, such as the date and number of installations

it is reported that American tower company owns these light poles and leases the antenna space on the light poles to mobile network operators. More advanced networks (such as 5g) will transmit the information collected by sensors, and can also provide wireless pipelines for lighting control and maintenance

Mike Posey, mayor of Huntington, said, "we hope to become the leader of the smart city initiative to provide residents, enterprises and tourists with a better urban experience and quality of life. That's why I'm excited about smart fusion pole. It provides connectivity for smart cities without affecting the beauty and vision of the city."

Philips and American electric tower company said that the exact location of these lamps will depend on the network needs of mobile network operators, local residents and enterprises

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